Ortho Hygiene Tips for Summer Vacations from Rusty Jones Orthodontics  - Rusty Jones Orthodontics Ortho Hygiene Tips for Summer Vacations from Rusty Jones Orthodontics 

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Ortho Hygiene Tips for Summer Vacations from Rusty Jones Orthodontics 

Summer vacation is a cherished time for families to relax, explore new places, and create lifelong memories. However, the excitement of travel should never overshadow the importance of maintaining excellent orthodontic hygiene.  

At Rusty Jones Orthodontics, we are committed to helping your child maintain their orthodontic care routine, even while on the go. Whether you’re jetting off to an exotic destination or enjoying a road trip closer to home, we have practical advice to ensure your child’s braces stay in top condition. 

Why Travel Orthodontic Care Matters 

Orthodontic care doesn’t take a vacation, and neither should your child’s oral hygiene routine. Neglecting braces maintenance while traveling can lead to setbacks in treatment and potential discomfort. By staying vigilant and keeping up with oral hygiene on the go, you can help ensure your child’s orthodontic journey remains smooth and efficient. 

Pre-Travel Preparations 

Before you embark on your summer adventures, it’s crucial to ensure your child’s orthodontic needs are well-prepared for the trip. Here’s what you should do: 

1. Schedule a Pre-Travel Consultation 

If you’re planning an extended trip, consider making an appointment at one of our Phoenix locations: 

  • South Phoenix Office: 2610 W. Baseline Rd. Suite 102, Phoenix AZ, 85041. Call us at (623) 849-0880. 
  • West Phoenix Office: 2330 N. 75th Avenue, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85035. Contact us at (623) 849-0880. 

2. Pack an Orthodontic Travel Kit 

Assemble a comprehensive travel kit that includes: 

  • A travel-sized toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Interdental brushes for cleaning around brackets. 
  • Dental floss or a floss threader. 
  • Orthodontic wax to alleviate discomfort from brackets or wires. 
  • A small mirror for discreet checks and adjustments. 
  • Extra elastics, if your child uses them. 

Maintaining Braces and Oral Hygiene on the Go 

Sticking to an effective oral hygiene routine is paramount during travel. Here are some tips to ensure your child’s braces maintenance isn’t compromised, no matter where your travels take you. 

1. Keep Up With Routine Cleaning 

Regular brushing and flossing are crucial. Brushing after every meal is advisable, and here’s how to do it effectively: 

  • Brush with Care: Use a travel-sized toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Encourage your child to brush for at least two minutes, making sure to clean around brackets and wires. 
  • Floss Daily: Even when on vacation, flossing should not be skipped. Use a floss threader to navigate around braces or consider waxed floss for easier handling. 

2. Stay Hydrated 

Hydration plays a vital role in eliminating food particles and bacteria from the mouth. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water throughout the day. 

  • Choose Water Over Sugary Drinks: While summer vacations often come with tempting sugary beverages, encourage water consumption to keep their mouth clean and reduce the risk of cavities. 

3. Opt for Braces-Friendly Snacks 

Vacation often means indulging in snacks, but it’s vital to choose options that are kind to braces. 

  • Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods: Steer clear of popcorn, nuts, hard candies, and chewy snacks that can damage braces. 
  • Choose Soft, Healthy Options: Opt for soft fruits, cheese, yogurt, and cut-up vegetables. 

Handling Orthodontic Emergencies While Traveling 

Despite best efforts, sometimes emergencies happen. Here’s how to deal with common orthodontic issues during travel: 

1. Loose or Broken Brackets 

If a bracket becomes loose or breaks, try to manage it until you return home: 

  • Use Orthodontic Wax: Apply wax over the bracket to keep it in place and prevent irritation to the mouth. 
  • Contact Rusty Jones Orthodontics: Call us for advice on whether immediate attention is necessary. 

2. Poking Wires 

Poking wires can cause discomfort and need prompt attention: 

  • Adjust With Care: Gently push the wire back into place using a clean spoon or pencil eraser. 
  • Apply Wax: Cover the wire with orthodontic wax to reduce irritation and protect the mouth. 

3. Lost Rubber Bands 

If your child loses a rubber band: 

  • Keep Spares Available: Always pack extra elastics in your travel kit. 
  • Replace Quickly: Promptly replace the rubber band to ensure continuous treatment effectiveness. 

Scheduling Orthodontic Checkups Before School Starts 

Summer is the ideal time to schedule an orthodontic checkup. Here at Rusty Jones Orthodontics, we recommend booking your child’s appointment before the school year begins. Regular checkups are essential to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed. 

Visit our South Phoenix office at 2610 W. Baseline Rd. Suite 102, Phoenix AZ, 85041, or our West Phoenix office at 2330 N. 75th Avenue, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85035. Call (623) 849-0880 to schedule your appointment today. A pre-school checkup not only ensures your child’s orthodontic treatment stays on track but also provides peace of mind as the academic year commences. 

Practical Tips for a Worry-Free Vacation 

Enjoy your summer trip with these final bits of advice, ensuring your child’s braces remain well-maintained and their oral hygiene top-notch. 

1. Wear a Mouthguard 

If your plans include sports or high-energy activities, invest in a mouthguard. It prevents damage to braces and protects your child’s teeth. 

2. Practice Good Oral Hygiene 

Encourage regular brushing and flossing. Make it a fun part of the travel routine to maintain your child’s interest and commitment. 

3. Avoid Sugary Treats 

Limit consumption of sweets and candy to prevent plaque buildup around brackets. 

Fun and Orthodontic-Friendly Summer Recipes 

Your child can enjoy delicious, healthy snacks that won’t harm their braces. Here are some orthodontic-friendly recipes to try: 

1. Tropical Smoothie 

Smoothies are perfect for breakfast or a cool treat. 

  • Ingredients: Frozen mango, banana, Greek yogurt, orange juice. 
  • Instructions: Blend together until smooth. Serve chilled. 

2. Fruit Parfait 

A simple yet delightful snack. 

  • Ingredients: Greek yogurt, honey, soft fruits like strawberries and blueberries. 
  • Instructions: Layer yogurt with honey and fruit. Enjoy immediately. 


Maintaining orthodontic hygiene during summer vacations doesn’t have to be challenging. By following these tips and making mindful choices, your child can enjoy a carefree summer without compromising their orthodontic treatment. 

Remember, Rusty Jones Orthodontics is here to support you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment before the school year starts and ensure your child’s smile remains healthy and beautiful. 

From our family to yours, we wish you a fantastic and healthy summer vacation! 


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