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Affordable Braces in Phoenix, AZ

Quality Braces at an Affordable Price

At Rusty Jones Orthodontics, we do not want anyone to be turned away simply because of cost. A straightened smile is not only better looking, it also can prevent more serious oral problems down the line. We provide the same quality orthodontic care as any place else at a lower cost than the competition. Why do we do it? Because we want everyone in Phoenix and West Valley to shine their brightest smile!

Making Braces more accessible

When people hear the word ‘affordable’, they often assume that means a drop in quality. At Rusty Jones Orthodontics, we use the same technology and materials as any other modern orthodontist. Likewise, our staff is equally competent and highly trained for the work that needs done. So how do we keep costs low for families? We meet you halfway. Read below to see just a few examples of how you can save.

In-House Financing

Our office offers in-house financing to families wishing to pay over a period. We do this at our practice in order to avoid predatory lending with high-interest rates. We do this to create an affordable payment plan that is free of hidden fees.

No Interest Fees

Our fees do not acquire interest over time. This is something we strongly believe in. Nobody should avoid orthodontic care just because of finances. We are happy to meet families where they are in order to keep their smiles healthy and shining.

5% Pay In Full Discount

If you do choose to pay for everything up front, Rusty Jones Orthodontics offers a 5% discount. This allows families to save money should they wish to go ahead and pay all at once. We have no preference one way or the other. This is just another way for us to give back to our community.

MultiFamily Discount

We love getting to know all of you! If you have more than one member of your household coming to us for orthodontic care, we will happily offer a discount for your business. Our goal is to cultivate lifelong relationships within the community, so we try to support families any way we can.

Come See Us

When you are considering orthodontics in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Jones is your choice for adult and pediatric orthodontics in the Phoenix AZ area. We look forward to discussing your orthodontic treatment!