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Who doesn’t want a bright, dazzling smile? Straight teeth are associated with beauty, youth, and even intelligence. Unfortunately, many people hold back on orthodontics because they worry about how much adult braces cost.

If you have questions about how much various types of braces cost then you’re in luck. We’ll explore cost factors for adults of all ages.

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost?

Braces range from around $3,000 to $10,000. If you use traditional metal braces, you’ll need to work with an orthodontist. Your orthodontist will attach metal brackets and wires that gradually pull your teeth into better alignment.

The team at Rusty Jones Orthodontics offers a wide range of expertise in pediatric, adolescent, and adult orthodontic care. Working with a trusted orthodontist has many advantages. Traditional braces can correct a wide range of misalignment issues.

Braces for adults and teens now include clear aligner options. Clear aligners are invisible trays that fit snuggly over your teeth. Each successive tray nudges teeth into better alignment. If you are unsure which option is right for you, Dr. Christiansen will be glad to explain both options in detail.

Cost Factors

The price range for braces may seem considerable. Dr. Christiansen will have to consider many factors when determining a treatment plan (and price) for you. These cost factors may include:

  • The type of braces you use
  • Whether you use traditional braces or clear aligners
  • How many visits to our office you’ll require
  • The duration of your treatment timeline

Undergoing braces as an adult doesn’t necessarily cost more or less than treatments for teenagers. Adults of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Braces?

Here’s a question we frequently hear: Does insurance pay for braces?

It’s understandable to assume that dental insurance covers or subsidizes any treatment related to treating teeth. Most dental insurance plans are intended to cover restorative and preventative treatments. Dental cleanings and exams are examples of preventative treatments that are often covered by dental insurance.

Most people who elect to have braces do so for cosmetic reasons. Because of the cosmetic nature of braces, you’ll want to carefully check with your insurance provider to see what may or may not be covered. A good insurance policy may cover some portions of the treatment, but don’t expect all of the cost to be covered.

What you are typically looking for is “orthodontic coverage” for adults. If you aren’t sure if your insurance plan covers any of the treatment cost, a member of our team will be glad to call your dental insurance provider to find out for you.

Tips for Making Braces Affordable

With a little bit of planning and research, you can make getting braces affordable. Payments plans, discounts, and HSAs are just a few cost-saving options you can explore.

Payment Plans

Many dental offices offer payment plans for braces. The monthly payments break up the total cost of treatment into equal payments. Often, the payments are automatically drafted each month.

If you aren’t sure if a dental office offers payment plans, it never hurts to ask. Dental teams are commonly asked about payment plans and discounts.

Watch for Discounts

Follow your dental office’s social media or search the social media sites of local dental or orthodontic offices. Often, dentists and orthodontists will run promotional specials that could knock a few hundred dollars off the price of your treatment. Websites are another great source for finding discounts.

Health Savings Accounts

Find out if your job offers health savings accounts. The specialized accounts allow you to withdraw money without tax penalties if the procedure is medical-related. Some employers even pay into the accounts.

Be Open-Minded About Treatment Options

As we mentioned earlier, the price of orthodontic treatment options varies widely. One way you can save money is by being flexible about which type of treatment option you go with.

In some cases, clear aligners may offer a quicker treatment timeline. Or, you may decide you can live with traditional metal braces instead of ceramic braces. Each treatment will leave you with a more beautiful smile, so don’t overthink how you get there.

Follow Your Treatment Guidelines Carefully

Once your treatment starts, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t increase the cost of treatment. Minor adjustments are expected. If you continually break brackets and archwires, for example, you may incur additional costs.

The same goes for clear aligners. Losing a pair of clear aligners could mean that you have to pay out of pocket to replace those lost aligners. Plus, your treatment timeline may be extended.

As you begin treatment, Dr. Christiansen will give you clear advice on how to maintain and care for your braces or aligners. Buying a mouthguard container, for example, can help you prevent losing your aligners.

Good oral hygiene habits can also save you money. Braces can leave your teeth vulnerable to decay and gum disease if you aren’t careful to clean your traditional braces or clear aligners as well as your teeth every day. Remember, best practices for oral hygiene include brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly.

Schedule Your Orthodontic Consultation Today

There’s no way to put a price on a beautiful smile. Straight teeth can leave you feeling more self-confident. An attractive smile can even help your professional career.

The average adult braces cost several thousand dollars, but there are a variety of treatment options. At Edge Orthodontics, we understand that cost factors can be a barrier. Give us a call today so we can explore ways to make undergoing orthodontic treatment affordable.


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